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Live every Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST, NerdQuest brings you an irreverent take on all things Nerdy with four geeks full of useless knowledge and too much time on their hands! Tune in for funny conversations about the latest in gadgets, tech, games, movies and so much more!

NerdQuest TV Episode 028

NERDQUEST 04/25/2023
NerdQuest TV Episode 028
Tonight on NerdQuest, It's Fright Night!!!
NerdQuest tonight is an online event that you won't want to miss! Join us to explore the ins and outs of ...
the cryptid world, the spooky world, and the geeky world and we may even dabble in the world of the striking Hollywood elites! Special Guest Marie Dumont founder of Mid Florida Research Team along with John Gaston and Michael Stanley. Join us on http://www.Area52TV.com, Like us on Facebook @NERDQUESTTV, Follow, Like, Subscribe, and Share @NerdquestTV and @Area52TV. See you tonight!
1. Marie Dumont
2. John Gaston
'Alien Bodies' Ufologist Dismisses Analysis, Legal Threat—'I'm Not Worried'
Scary Movies.... Maybe?
A Haunting In Venice, The Nun II, The Exorcist : Beliver
Halloween Scare Locations
3. Michael Stanley
Venom 3 Speculation Mounts - Are comic movies overdone now?
Elder Scrolls 6 Won't Come Out on PS5 - Good or bad?
The Best Batman Movies, Ranked - Do you agree?
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