A52 Alien transparency

Here are some sample sites we have built for our customers.  From saddles to satellites, and from fusion to funnels, Area 52 Media group has probably handled exactly what you need.

Click on the images to see the full websites and marketing platforms.

Good Apple Equine

The first sample we’ve built is that big online store site for saddles and tack. They go in and make a lot of changes themselves, but they’re on a monthly maintenance contract so if they break something they can just text me and I’ll figure out how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. One time an employee deleted 21,000 images. They still haven’t replaced them all. 

The Lockett Program

The second site is a health professional who wanted to offer courses and coaching. His program has almost a hundred courses in it, with a full membership program and complete Learning Management System built into the back end.

Horse Archery USA

The third site is a nationwide sports association. This site was quite a challenge because their members are generally very low-tech, but their needs were pretty complicated. I think we struck a balance between ease of use and complexity of information, as they have several events throughout the year to which people must enroll and then submit their results via the portal. They also need to let people know who their members are, where they are, and how to join up with them. When people log in they get a wide variety of services and options that are not visible on the general site. For example, we have a full Social Media style back end that allows for profiles (for both individuals and groups), posting, and direct messaging. Unfortunately, some of the members were too overwhelmed by the complexity of a Facebook-style interface, so we deactivated the social media option… for now.

Miles Space

This site is a satellite thruster company. This site is designed to give an emotional appeal, but still deliver the hard tech information engineers require. People buy on emotion and back it up with logic… even if it’s a piece of hardware being shot into space.

Five Drivers Webinar Funnel

This is the first of several successive links in a sales funnel using our own licensed platform. It not only features completely customizable landing pages, evergreen webinars, but it also includes up to 17 triggered sequential emails to make sure your prospects get all the right information they need to become your customers. All of these prospects can then be moved over to your CRM/Email program, which we is a standard element in the online marketing platforms we build.