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Tarpon Springs’ rich historical significance commands the attention you seek, the traffic you need, and the destination customers never tire of. From arts to retail, dining to manufacturing, a community of culture that embraces businesses as family.

The major artery of US Highway 19 ushers you from the North through Tarpon Springs, Pinellas County, and on to Sarasota. Along the journey business travelers and families alike can find larger hotels with pool-side rooms and relaxing sunsets. The myriad small businesses provide the wares you seek, the distraction you need, and the culture you crave.

An active fishing port and working waterfront on the Anclote River and the Gulf of Mexico make this classic visitor attraction a replenishable resource for those seeking something a bit different.


My Chamber TV Presents Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce August 2023

My Chamber TV Presents Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce August 2023

Segment 1
Guest Name: Daniel Crunk, CFO
Business: Advent Health North Pinellas
Phone Number: (727) 942-5107
Website: http://www.AHNorthPinellas.com
Email: daniel.crunk@adventhealth.com

Daniel is the CFO for ...
ADVENT HEALTH N Pinellas. He'll be talking about the community impact that the hospital has on
the Tarpon Springs community. Accompanying him is the new Marketing Director, Chrisula Cotter. She is
new and will be there to meet John and talk about the 1 hour on-site segment for Advent Health North

Segment 2
Guest Name: Steve Barker
Business: Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control
Phone Number: (813) 778-4181
Website: http://www.phoenixpestpros.com
Email: stbark2003@yahoo.com
Guests Info:
Steve is the owner has been in business for many years. They take care of everything except termites. Specialize in
getting wildlife out of your house and cleanup of the mess left behind. Also how to keep them out. In
addition, destructive wildlife on your property.

Segment 3
Guest Name: Lou & Cindy Partazana
Business: Family Benefit Services
Phone Number: (727) 848-4963
Website: http://www.familybenefitservices.com
Email: family.benefit.services@gmail.com
Guests Info:
Dedicated to finding individual health insurance options that work for you. Specializing in Medicare,
Obamacare, and Medicaid.

Segment 4
Guest Name: Mitchell Lane
Business: Strong Hands Massage
Phone Number: (727) 486-7118
Website: Stronghandsmassage100@gmail.com
Email MitchellLane100@gmail.com
Business Info:
Medical Massage. Cupping. Etc.
Former basket ball player (7' 2" tall). Ankle injury ended career.

Segment 5
Guest Name: Erica Switzer
Business: Currents Restaurant
Phone Number: (727) 940-5377
Website: http://www.currents-tarpon.com
Email Erica.Switz86@gmail.com
Business Info:
Fine Dining restaurant in downtown. 10+ years. Event space available. Special events held all the time.

Segment 6
Guest Name: Jean Hungiville
Business: Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce
Phone Number :(727) 937-6109
Website: http://www.tarponspringschamber.org
Email: President@tarponspringschamber.org
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